Stay in your comfort zone

We know that when you’ve got a business to run, it can be difficult to remember all the finer details. With bills to pay and bottom lines to worry about, lots of us ignore the things that are functioning well – until they suddenly aren’t.

Customisable service plans based on your needs

Talk to us today about a service plan that’s right for your business. We will help you choose a suitable maintenance schedule, depending on the usage of your commercial air conditioning system.

Unlike other maintenance technicians, our qualified O’Hara Super Air Mart tradesmen are trained to check for faults while they clean. This way we can identify and resolve small issues before they become big, expensive problems.

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Rely on us

When your service is due, O’Hara’s will make all the arrangements and organise a convenient time, so you have the luxury of forgetting about it.

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one-stop shop

There’s no need to hire a separate maintenance technician, installer or electrician - we take the lead with qualified technicians for every step of the process.