why we’re hot for air conditioning

Since 1990, the people of Mackay have trusted O’Hara’s to keep them safe and comfortable in the Queensland heat. In that time, we’ve learned a thing or two.

 #1 We know that reputation is everything. You’ve come to expect reliability and an honest, straightforward way of doing business, and we make sure you get it.

 #2 We know the value of innovation. Without it, we would still be hanging damp clothes in doorways and putting our underwear in the icebox to keep cool. However, our longevity is testament to us keeping things simple. We focus on quality products, and excellent customer service and let the rest take care of itself.

 #3 We know the importance of community. O’Hara’s isn’t just a business. It’s also a group of people who love where they live. We are proud to support several local ventures, including the Mackay Netball Association and Magpie Crusaders United Soccer team (we’re major sponsors). We also sponsor the Mackay Marina Run 5km Corporate Challenge - just like our air conditioners, our team are great at running.

Old values, new blood

In 2012, Andrew formally took the reins after managing the business for several years. Since moving to Mackay from Brisbane in the nineties, he has worked on replicating the standard of service available in urban areas in a regional community. His primary goal was to personalise the process of buying an air conditioning unit. Andrew has 20 years’ experience as a qualified refrigeration mechanic and his aim is to pass everything he knows on to our apprentices and tradesmen.

Andrew Felton.jpg

Andrew felton

Andrew prides himself on getting to know our customers, spending the time to talk to them. This translates into a unique ability to understand their individual cooling needs, and provide tailored air conditioning solutions which are both economical and practical.

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Toni Felton

Mackay born and raised, Toni joined the office staff in 2014 and is passionate about building a quality team of employees who can work together to create a high quality of both initial and after sale service whilst maintaining an enjoyable and fulfilling workplace.